Salon and Barber Signature Design Application


Personalization is available for any Salon, Barbershop or Artist with the innovative Signature Design application. This custom logo application is included with The Barber Mat and available for $20 per mat for the following: Vintage Leather, Granite, The 360 and Elite.

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Customizing your Signature Design is easy!

  1. Purchase your Salon or Barbershop Mat(s) 
  2. Customize your Signature Design using our Elite, Leather, Granite, 360, Barber
  3. Upload your logo file through the form

Ready to get started? Place your order and fill out our Elite, Leather, Granite, 360, or Barber mat form. If you have questions regarding the Signature Design application or need help locating a distributor nearest you, please contact Smart Step at 866.624.5700 or

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