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Gone are the days when an anti-fatigue mat was a dirty,
beat up piece of rubber or sponge on the floor.

Today’s workplace has been well educated on the importance of health and safety on the job. This awareness campaign supports all our Smart Step Therapeutic Flooring visions.

Until recent years, the anti-fatigue mat category was saturated with poor to average, and mostly offshore products. As a polyurethane formulator and manufacturer in the USA, Smart Step has been proudly producing and perfecting Premium Standing Solutions since 1996.

The call for premium, Made-in-America products, along with the need for safer work environments has created a tremendous demand for Smart Step Premium Standing Solutions in the workplace.

As part of the Smart Step success, we align ourselves with meaningful distribution partners that understand the need for USA made premium products. Namely, providers who have the platform to promote and engage their customers on the Premium Anti-Fatigue mat category.

With meaningful sales strategies, our affiliates assist and broaden the Premium Anti-Fatigue mat category. The higher quality, higher sale, creates higher profits while not cannibalizing the lesser mat category for our partners.

We pride ourselves on award winning customer service, meaningful sales support, a turn-key marketing asset portal, and the availability of a robust sampling program.

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