Smart Step Advantage

The Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat category continues to explode as the "Stand Smart, Live Better" awareness campaigns are prevalent in all markets. With over 20 years of manufacturing and "Made in America" expertise, we at Smart Step are able to answer the growing demands of consumers in search of Premium Standing Solutions.

All Smart Step mats are distinctively made with proprietary SmartTech Polyurethane™ (STP) at our own manufacturing facility in the USA. This ensures that Smart Step Mats proficiently reduce stress, strain and improve circulation, all while minimizing joint, limb and muscle aches. Smart Step mats are environmentally safe, non-toxic and latex free, as well as eco-friendly. Effectively combining comfort, style, and performance is what sets Smart Step apart, in addition to our 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, ensuring the performance and longevity you desire.


To be the best, we start with pure polyurethane that we formulate at our own facility in St. Louis, MO. Using a Reaction Injection Mold (RIM) process and our own proprietary blowing agents, a strong, cushioned center core is enclosed and inherently bonded to a flexible, durable integral skin. This exclusive process generates a supportive, open cell foam where the chemical reaction of thermosetting creates cross-linked, permanently bonded molecules. The end result is the “Absolute Best” in comfort, support and durability.

All Smart Step and WellnessMats formulations and densities are designed to effectively suspend the body weight of an individual. Meaning, gravitational impact is taken off the back, hips, knees, and feet. Another valued property of specifically formulated pure polyurethane is consistency.

Once a mat is removed from the mold and cured, its features are permanent. Since additives, plasticizers or fillers are not used in any Smart Step formulations, a mat will always remain flat when it is cured flat, meaning the edges will never curl. With the one-piece construction, there are no glues or bonding agents to break down that often cause delamination. There are only a few of the many attributes polyurethane compositions have to offer.

To summarize, Smart Tech Polyurethane is an expensive and time-consuming mixture of components and technology. It is this process that produces our Premium Standing Solutions and separates the Smart Step and WellnessMats from the Good and Better mat companies.


  • Unmatched Comfort and Durability
  • SmartTech Polyurethane (STP) Technology
  • 20° Gradual Beveled Edge (ADA-Compliant)
  • 99.99% Anti-Microbial By Design
  • One-Piece ¾" or ⅝" Polyurethane Construction By Design

    Hand pushing down on Smart Step Mat - endorsed by ACAEndorsement by Dr. Mark Mandell

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