Traxtion Performance Mats


Ultimate Comfort & Grip

Size: 32" x 42" x 3/4"

The innovative X-Pattern was ingeniously crafted to cater to the diverse Extension possibilities. Its design specifically aims to seamlessly integrate the Traxtion Performance Mat into the prevailing diamond plate landscape, but offering heightened adaptability. Notably, within the Premium segment, diamond plate options remain scarce, predominantly comprising vinyl or PVC laminated mats with diverse foam underlays. The X-Pattern, however, presents a game-changer, finding extensive application across Front, Middle, or Back of House settings. Furthermore, its compact size, smaller than conventional 3x5 mats, coupled with the ability to lay flat during shipping, significantly reduces bulk, enhancing logistical efficiency.

Smart Step's Continuation of Excellence

Produced with the identical formulations and process of current Smart Step products. The performance, attributes and properties will be the same as Smart Step is known for: 

  • Instant Impact, Unmatched in Comfort, Support & Durability
  • Beveled Edges Will Never Curl, Reducing Trip Hazards
  • Exclusive Gripper System Reduces Mat Travel
  • Will Never Separate, Bubble or Delaminate
  • Effectively Suspends Body Weight & Will Never Compress
  • Sealed Top & Bottom, Easy to Clean & Maintain
  • With the 10 Year Warranty, Traxtion Performance Mats reduce mat replacement costs
  • Add a Yellow Safety Border on top and bottom sides for added visibility and hazard protection

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